Bianca Wilk

Who I am & How I WORk

I'm a multilingual digital nomad working on marketing, sales and customer success in startups all over the world.


I’m half Polish, half Chilean, born in Sweden. With this culturally diverse background, it’s hard to stay in one place. I’ve always been passionate about immersing myself in other cultures.


I speak English, German, Spanish, Swedish and Polish fluently. Foreign languages are my tool to learn about other cultures and truly get to know people. It also helps me to succeed at my job.


For the past four years I’ve been remote, working on business development, marketing strategy and customer acquisition & retention at startups headquartered in Germany and the US.

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Working remotely has taught me a lot. I'm a independent worker, I don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do. At the same time, I love to work in a team. Being a clear communicator is crucial for any effective team.

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